Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Join EO Seattle

Community of fellow entrepreneurs  ("I found my entrepreneur tribe.")

EO is limited to Founders/Co-Founders (or controlling interest) in their company that has achieved a level of success.  This means you will hang out with fellow successful entrepreneurs who share your passions, energy and drive to want to win at work and in life.

Trusted safe place to have real conversations ("I can be real here.")

This is not a place to sell stuff, but a safe place to let your guard down and share the real stuff going on within a confidential environment.  You will get encouraged you are not the only one who has gone through similar stuff, but also ideas/insight and accountability from your trusted team of entrepreneurs sharing from their own experiences.

Mix of business and personal impact ("Healthy at work and home."

We strive to bring a healthy balance as we care about the whole entrepreneur, with a mix of business strategy, personal growth and inspiration, and social connections.  It is roughly a 50-50 split on work and personal stuff as when you are healthy at home you bring it to work.  We call this EO360.

Clear ROI - ("That paid for my membership!")

Having a disciplined look back/look forward monthly with other entrepreneurs brings focus and clarity on key issues.  The cost of membership is $4,000 annually and $1,700 one-time initiation fees.  90%+ of our members renew annually as they feel they have received clear value and impact in growth/new opportunities, strategy focus and help on problems that easily paid for itself many times over.  All meals/events/drinks are free for almost all EO events as an added incentive to show up to as many events as possible.

Learning and inspiration ¬ ("Wow - that was great!")

In addition to your monthly Forum meeting with your group of 8-10 entrepreneurs, EO has a regular calendar of optional larger group and smaller venue business quality speaker topics and workshops and personal growth and inspiration which you can take advantage of.   This takes you out of your regular routine to meet new people in town and be a continual learner in life and business.  In addition to local events, there are many national and international events you can take advantage of and meet other entrepreneurs from around the world and hear amazing speakers and "chance of a lifetime" unique events.

WHO is Qualified?

Level of business complexity

-$1M+ in annual gross revenues (or $2M+ in venture funding) and you have employees/run a payroll and desire to get to the next level


EO is designed for Founder/Co-Founders OR if someone has a controlling interest (if purchased or acquired after it was founded).  Can anyone fire you?

Desire for mutual respect

Everyone is busy, but EO people make this a priority with a mutual commitment of time to show up at monthly Forum events (typically 3-6pm on 2nd Tuesday each month), attend annual retreats (Forum & all-Seattle chapter), be on time, respectful to other members and always observe complete confidentiality. This also means a clear non-solicitation policy among members (especially those in the same Forum group).

Willing to bring it

You get out what you put into it. People in EO share at a deeper level of trust with each other on challenges, wins, fears, and dreams than you would with many friends or co-workers. It's about letting your guard down in a safe place to share what is really going on and have a trusted group of people to be there for you.

Curious to learn more?

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